Pond Upgrades  



On shore standard waterfall light (20) watt $29.00
Underwater standard light (20)watt $39.00
Underwater heavy duty light (20) watt glass lens $69.00
LED super white (40)peg light (2 year guarantee) $89.50


5 feet around perimeter of pond completed stoned $350.00
(Includes lake stone, weed fabric and stone edge)
Mulch back of your berm (1.5) yards brown mulch $120.00

Bottom Drain

Promotes better circulation, pulls debris and waste from bottom $410.00
(Includes parts, labor, valve and custom installation under pond.
Pond aeration bubbler kit complete with pump, air line and box $79.00
Pond heater 1250 watts heavy duty with thermostat $59.00


Pond opening
Pond closing

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