New Pond Warranty Subheading


Each K&A Pond has a (1) year guarantee on parts/labor.
Up that to (3) years for an additional (9%) of your total installed price.
Even though some pumps and lights state: (6) months, we give all our customers a complete (1) year guarantee. This includes parts, labor, pumps, lights and leaks. We will also do a final consultation after your install, spending time with you on chemicals, cleaning and fish care.

*delivery fees not included. Fee range from $100 to $300 in Erie County, NY.

All K&A Ponds are guranteed for (1) year on leaks, craftsmanship, parts, labor and materials. All new ponds installed include 18" of rock around the outside. All plumbing, lights and cords are hidden. All ponds completed are up and running before crew leaves.
Electrical and delivery not included. Most ponds in Erie and Niagara County have a $100 - $300 delivery fee. K&A will work with or refer a incensed electrician to complete your project.